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TERM Billing, Inc. was established April 1, 1992. Its founding was brought about after many years of experience working with Emergency Department physicians showed that there existed a need for a company which specialized in coding/billing/collections for hospital-based physicians. TERM established, at its outset, a corporate philosophy of providing personalized service to its clients, a philosophy which is still adhered to today. TERM controls its growth rate in order to maintain a high level of service to existing clients. This also allows for that same level of service to be available to new clients when they are obtained.

Our educated, experienced, and loyal staff uses all of their knowledge of reimbursement strategies and attention to detail to achieve collection rates which other companies in this industry consider impossible to achieve. Supported by a user-friendly software package designed by TERM personnel, our abilities in reimbursement processes are enhanced considerably. Reimbursement is of paramount importance to us; however, it is not more important to us than the assurance that all processes pursued are well within HHS Compliance Guidelines as is seen to in our comprehensive Compliance Program.